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This article is a cutting from the EDP on the 23rd of May 2000, GEI Autowrappers had been through some tough times and was on the verge of closing , The shares had collapsed, the banks had taken control, and Philip Corke had been put in charge of turning the company around... which he did, saving many peoples jobs in the process.
Photo Ref: AW0051 Courtesy of EDP 23-5-2000, Thanks To Kevin Haylock for the article and large format scans by Paul Holmes
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Below is the Autowrappers Magazine from 1980 showing some of the latest advancements in manufacturing technology to hit Norwich.
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This article is from 1997, When Autowrappers celibrated its 50 year Anniversary with a visit to Whiffler Road from Jean Cann who is the Daughter of Bill Maddison the Founder of Autowrappers 
Articles from the Autowrapper Magazine Pack-it Sent to us by Jon Bye 
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Photo Ref: AW0300
Photo Ref: AW0301 and AW0303  PackIt 1994 Photo Courtesy of Jon Bye.
Photo Ref: AW0302 PackIt 1994 Photo Courtesy of Jon Bye
Photo Ref: AW0304 PackIt 1994 Photo Courtesy of Jon Bye.
Photo Ref: AW0305 PackIt 1994 Photo Courtesy of Jon Bye.