Part 2 
The Edward Street Machines 
(1953 to 1958)
Cut and Wrap Machines
Photo Ref: AW0390 
The Edward St Machine Portfolio Book
Photo Ref: AW0396 The Type 9 "BW" overwrap machine.
Photo Ref: AW0402  the "CW" Cut and Wrap Packaging Machine
Photo Ref: AW0404  the "E" Type Bath Salts Wrapping Machine
Photo Ref: AW0406  the "EW" Over Wrapping Machine
Photo Ref: AW0408  the "EW" Lollipop Machine
Photo Ref: AW0414  the "FB" Foiling and Banding Machine
Photo Ref: AW0420 The RB Round Biscuit wrapping machine
Photo Ref: AW0424  the "SL" Strait Line Over Wrapping Machine for long packs 
Photo Ref: AW0426  the "WLL" Cigarette  Wrapping Machine
Photo Ref: AW0428  the "WLL" Carton Wrapping Machine
Photo Ref: AW0430   Wrapping Machine (unknown type any info would be apreciated )
Photo Ref: AW0431   The "WLST" on edge biscuit Wrapping Machine
Photo Ref: AW0433   The "WLST" on edge biscuit Wrapping Machine with cross feeder
Photo Ref: AW0435   The "WST" Lollipop ice cream Wrapper
Below are the Price Lists From the late 1950s in UK £'s
Note that the last 2 columns of 0's are Shillings and Pennys  
Photo Ref: AW0440 to AW0444