Part 4 The Whiffler Road
The Tobenoil Years 
(1966 to 1976)
Cut & Wrap Machines
A length of paper or plastic film was cut from the reel to the right size then folded around the products. After the introduction of the flow-wrappers the sales of this type of machine started to decline. Autowrappers decided to reduce the catalogue of Cut & Wrap machines that it produced,  just the  WLX and WLL range remained but these were modified to run a broader range of products.    
Photo Ref: AW0578 The WLX Machine   
Photo Ref: AW0579 The WLX Machine   
Photo Ref: AW0580 data sheet for the WLX Machine   
Photo Ref: AW0583 The WLX Machine range  
Photo Ref: AW0586 The WLL Machine   
Photo Ref: AW0584-85 The WLL Machine  Sales Flyer