Posted 22-10-16
Auto Wrappers Reunion Friday November 18th 2016 
Autowrappers Reunion November 2016
This Years Auto-Wrappers Reunion was held on Friday 18th of November 2016 at the Reindeer Pub in Norwich.
The event was organised by Andrew Gill and had a fantastic turnout, great to see so many old and new faces. Our Official Website photographer Andy Mattless was in attendance at the event. Look out for the next AW Reunion  
Photo Ref: AW0320
   Martin Young
, Alan Hawes, & Andy Mattless
Photo Ref: AW0321   
L to R Dick Bull, Roger Knight, Chris Crowe, Alan Hulcoop.
Photo Ref: AW0322
Kevin Neville, Karl Barker
, & Craig Mattless.
Photo Ref: AW0323 
Bob Lincoln, Bryan Parker & Trevor Kirby
Photo Ref: AW0324
Class of 78,Karl Barker, our dear training instructor BrianWood, & Andy Mattless  
Photo Ref: AW0326
Alan Hulcoop, Chris Crowe, and Bryan Parker 
Photo Ref: AW0327  
Pete Scott and Jon Bye
 Photo Ref: AW0328
Alan Richards, Dick Bull & Michael Harvey
 Photo Ref:AW0329
 Photo Ref:AW0329
 The great Ivan Mortimer and Gilly 
Photo Ref: AW0330
 David Granados & Kevin Haylock
David won our caption competition and was presented with his prize.
Photo Ref: AW0332
Andy Mattless, John Tink,  and Jon Bye
Photo Ref: AW0332
 Richard Rush, Andy Mattless, and Martin Young
Photo Ref: AW0335
 David Warner, and  Andy Mattless
Photo Ref: AW0336
 Chris Crowe and Bryan Parker.
Photo Ref: AW0337
Aubrey Hunt
Brian Crome
Photo Ref: AW0338
 Karl Barker  & Brian Wood
Photo Ref: AW0339 
Johnny Tink and And Mattless
Photo Ref:AW0340
 Jon Bye, Andy Mattless, and Alan Hawes
Photo Ref: AW0341 
  Kevin Neville & Karl Barker, 
Photo Ref: AW0342
 Trevor Pells, John Tink, & Rod Townly
Photo Ref: AW0343
Richard Rush, Andy Mattless Peter Scott and Martin Young
Photo Ref: AW0344
Craig  Mattless, Trevor Pells, David 
Photo Ref: AW0345
Richard Rush and Martin Young.
Photo Ref: AW0346
   Alan Hawes, John Tink and Alan Richards.
Photo Ref: AW0347
Rod Townly,  Gilly, and Alan (Jonesy)
Photo Ref: AW0348  
 John Tink & Andy Gill having a slow one 
See You Next Year
Alan Richards, Dick Bull & Michael Harvey