Other Presentations.
Below is a photo of Roy Maynard  presenting Kevin Haylock with a prize. 
This photo also became  part of our caption competition which the Winning Entry below was sent in by David Granados  
( Left to Right ) Roy Maynard, Bob Hubbard, David Brighty, Mike Hunt, Bob Tyrell and Mike Knights. 
(Update from Bob Tyrell) The Awards below were presented to the AW fishing team in which they won a national fishing tournament, they all received a trophy and some money as part of the prize, news of the win made the local papers and was also  broadcast on "look East" the local TV news program. 
Photo Ref: AW0274 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer
The Auto-Wrappers Football Team
We believe this photo was taken in the  early 50s, this was given to us by Jean Cann, daughter of the Autowrappers founder Charles (Bill) Maddison, the coach is Bill's brother and this was taken outside the Edward St Factory. if anyone can help with the names of the other players or the specific date this was taken,  it would be very much appreciated, please contact us at our email address on the contact page, We have some of the names of the players courtesy of Dick and Simon Gash.
Photo Ref: AW0727 Photo Courtesy of Jean Cann