Charles William Maddison,  The founder of Auto-Wrappers

Photo Ref: AW0001 Charles "Bill" Maddison

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Charles "Bill" Maddison 1900 - 1980 

A photograph of Charles "Bill" Maddison and his wife, Violet Maddison, and on the right is  Charles best friend and business partner, Horace Martin.

Photo Ref: AW0622 Courtesy of Jean and Kenneth Cann

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This photograph shows Bill Maddison's daughter, Miss Jean Maddison (now Jean Cann ), receiving applause for organising the dinner dance with Jack Daines. 

Photo Ref: AW0621 Courtesy of Jean and Kenneth Cann. 

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The Edward St Factory.

From left to right the people in the photograph are: Reg Maddison (Bill's brother) Ken Mirams, Jack Daines, Jack Andrews, Bill Maddison, and Jack Robinson.

Photo Ref: AW0620 Sent to us by Jean and Kenneth Cann ( Copyright, Eastern Daily Press ) 

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