A Reader Request, by Kiron Chavda We received an email request from Kiron who had come across this site whilst doing some research for a family project, Kiron also sent us a Newspaper cutting for us to use on the site as he thought it may be interesting as it is Autowrappers related, the cutting relates to an incident that happened outside (Whiffler Road) Autowrappers factory in 1983, in which his wife ( who was 11 months old at the time ) was saved by a group of people from a serious car fire. Kiron is requesting information regarding the AW employees that saved his wife from this terrible accident and he would like to get in touch with them, the two people in question are David Mortimer and Mike Snelling. ( editors note: we understand that sadly, Mike Snelling is no longer with us ) if anyone has any information or memories of this incident please contact us and we will pass it on to Kiron. Photo Ref: AW0220 Photo Courtesy of Kiron Chavda