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Posted 28-2-19

Regarding the anouncement on the front page,  it is with great sadness  to inform of the passing of Pete Marlee

John and his Family has kindly informed us that his Dads Funeral will take place at St Faiths Crematorium Norwich at 3:30pm on Monday 17th June and afterwards  a celibration of Petes life will be held at the Old Rectory Crostwick  


Posted 28-2-19

Regarding the anouncement on the front page, we are sad to inform of the passing of George Howell on the 8th of February 2019, and also Dick Payne in the last week of February, the funeral of George Howell will be held at St Faiths Crematorium on  the 8th of March 2019 at 1:15pm, and the funeral of Dick Payne will be held at Earlham Crematorium on the 14th March at 11:45am our condolences to their families and loved ones. 

Posted 09-02-19

Its great to anounce some wonderful and historical additions to the website, Firstly, a collection of Autowrappers Company memo's was sent to us by Kevin Haylock, the first one was from 1949 and was from Charles Maddison to his workforce detailing the fact that the company had been trading just two years and he would not tolerate slackness in his employees... otherwise they would have to leave...   quite a stern speach, the second from Kelvin Woodard was a Letter, sent to his parents in 1964 to say that he had been accepted as an apprentice at Autowrappers, it details the pay structure and requirements for aprentices at the time and is a quite interesting read, There are some additional company memos showing the downfall for GEI in 1999 with the collapse of GEI on the stock exchange. to view these memos and letters please  click here

Also Kevin Haylock sent us the following articles, one from the EDP regarding the takeover of GEI by the banks and the introduction of Philip Corke as MD at whiffler road in 2000,  also Kevin sent us a copy of the  Autowrappers Magazine from 1980 to view these please  click here

Also added this update is an addition to Les Davison's story regarding an incident with some mighty fine french cigars  click here


Posted  10-12-18

Just when theres been no Posts for a long time 2 come along at once...  The AW Xmas Meetup took place  on Friday 28th of Novemeber  at the Reindeer Pub in Nowich. The event was organised by Andy Matless and had a fantastic turnout, great to see so many old and new faces.  If anyone has anymore photos to add please send them to us and we will add them to this section. to view the photos please click here

posted  09-12-18

Its been a long while since my last posts... unfortunately i have been very busy with other projects, work,amongst other things, but today we finaly have an update firstly two more Golden Boys meetings have been organised by Amir Asgari, the first being a celebration of Phil White and was attended by his wife Carol  and the second was the November meeting to view them please click here


Posted  13-07-18

Today we have added an article to the "Tell Your Story" Section sent to us by Les Davison about how he started at Autowrappers, click here

Posted  07-07-18 

As you all may have seen on the main page, this week we lost one of our very dear friends Mr Philip White, Phil was a very big contributor to this site, and we send out condolences to his wife Carol and to his family, Anyone that ever met Phil would know what a nice guy he was and very helpful to everyone, we will all miss him greatly, 

Last month the Golden Boys had a meeting at the Glass House, Hosted by Amir Asgari the Goldenboys are for any retired or ex AW employees, a great place to catchup and have a drink together. 

to view this latest update click here

Posted  02-06-18

Hello again everyone, and welcome to another update for the History of Autowrappers Website, Today we have some photos from 1987, taken at a night out with the Autowrapper Engineers, these have been kindly sent to us by Richard Rush.  enjoy the trip back in time to 1987, to view this latest update click here

Also added today is a photo taken of the engineers whilst the Autowrappers factory was briefly at old Hall Roadto view this Photo click here 

Posted 15-05-18

Hello to our readers here at the History of Auto-Wrappers website, Karl here...  with another great update to the site, this time to the Machines section, we have now completed the scanning of all the machine brochures from 1996 to 2002, this is the range of equipment that was manufactured in the later GEI days, when you click on each machine brochure it will open in a seperate window and you can read the machine information just as you would have in the original brochure, to view this latest update click here


Posted 11-05-18

Thanks to David Mortimer for sending some names regarding the people at the  1958 Dinner dance, 

To view the article  click here 

Posted 03-05-18

A big thank you to Kelvin Woodard for sending some infomation regarding Dal Dewgarde who was at the 1958 Dinner dance, you can read about this in the Tell Your Story section...  To view the article  click here 

Posted 29-4-18

A big thank you to Rod Horne for helping us with many names for our latest update to the 1958 dinner dance photos in the people section,  click here   to visit the page.

Posted 25-4-18

Our thanks goes out to Kelvin Woodard  and Vanessa Weston who assisted us with some of the names of the people at the 1958 Dinner Dance  click here   to visit the page.

Posted 05-04-18

Our thanks goes out to Carol and Philip White and Paula Holmes who assisted us with some of the names of the people at the 1958 Dinner Dance.  click here   to visit the page.

Posted 27-03-18

You can now message us directly with information regarding photos and articles via this website using the "Send Us a Message" service on the "Contact Us" Page.     click here   to visit the page.

Posted 25-03-18

Hello again to all the readers here at the History of Auto Wrappers web site, todays offering is one of the biggest updates we have ever done in one hit , an addition of over 90 photos in the "People" section, this last weekend was spent scanning, preparing, and uploading  all the photos to the web site, at lot of time and effort but the results are fantastic, The Event in the photos happened at the Grosvenor Rooms in Norwich on the 14th of November 1958,   to celibrate the 10 year anniversary of Autowrappers and the sale of the company to the Tobinoil Group. the photographs show a great insight to the times at AW during the Edward St era, if anyone can help put names to some of the faces in the photos please email us it would be very much apreciated.  click here   to visit the page.

Posted 12-12-17

We received a lovely Email today from Jean Cann regarding our website, many thanks Jean it is a pleasure and we at Autowrappers.co.uk wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.  to read click here 

Posted 10-12-17

Today we have done quite a few large updates, firstly as promised we have the story regarding the visit from Jean Cann ( Bill Maddison "the founder of Auto-Wrappers" daughter ) she visited with her family and we had a great day discussing the History of the company. you can read the full stroy on the "Tell Your Story" page click here  

Jean also gave us a photo taken, we believe in the early fifties of the Auto-Wrappers Football team when they won the Business League Championship, we would like to know the names of the players, if anyone can help please let us know . to view the photo  click here    

Also as previously mentioned there has been regular lunch meetings of the retired folks that worked at Autowrappers, these have been organised by Amir Asgari and have been nicknamed the "Golden Boys Lunches" if you want to join let us know and we will put you in touch with Amir for the next one. the last one was in November with a great turnout ... to view the photos  click here  

Posted 23-11-17  

Today we have a great story from Kelvin Woodard who has sent us his tale of working at Autowrappers between 1964 and 1973 , its a great story of working at both the Edwards St and Whiffler Rd factories. thanks Kelvin for giving us another slice of history of the Autowrappers heritage.   To view the article  click here 

Posted 20-11-17  

Hi all … and welcome to the next update, As previously mentioned Andy Mattless sent us the photos from Trevor Kirby's Retirement, these have now been posted on the website,  To view the photos  click here 

Posted 11-11-17  

Hi all … and welcome to the latest "late late" update … 

Apologies to our regular visitors that the site has been at a standstill for a while, mostly due to lots of things going on in my private life, including retiring from the restaurant business and my children going off to university, and more recently being involved in one of the largest single factory installations that Bradman Lake has undertaken, 

for me its fantastic that the installation has been here in the UK, so its a great boost for British manufacturing in these uncertain times, Paul has also been very busy and just returned from a Trade show in the Gulf, which Bradman Lake has been exhibiting our latest packaging technology… also some of you may have heard that Bradman Lake has just bought the Norwich based bread slicing and packaging company “Ibonhart” which is great for the UK packaging industry …. Less of what is currently happening and back to the “history of Autowrappers” site, heres what coming up....

Andy Mattless is organising the 2017 Autowrappers  "its nearly"  Christmas Drink, this is happening at the Reindeer pub on Dereham Road on Friday 24th of November 2017  (from 7pm onwards) , all ex Auto-wrappers and current Bradmanlake employees and friends are welcome. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Amir Asgari is current organising monthly pub luncheons for AW Pensioners which started small with just a handful of people but is now rapidly growing, if you would like to attend one of the montly lunches or know someone who would like to attend. Please send me your contact details and I will pass them onto Amir.

Earlier this year we had a visit from Jean Cann and her family ( Jean is Bill Maddisons daughter who was the founder of Auto-wrappers) , Jean visited the AW site along with her family and we had some great discussions about how AW Started, ironically it was Jeans Mother who decided that Auto-wrappers should be in Norwich … at the time Bill's family were living in Halifax and he asked her where she thought would be a good place to set up this new packaging company, and she replied that she had thought Norwich to be very nice ….. and the rest is history. 

As a side thought ... what if Jeans Mother had suggested another part of the UK ... how the packaging history for the eastern region would have changed ... all the spin off packaging companies that were born around the region because of the apprenticeships provided by Autowrappers would not exist today.

Jean Brought us a book of photos from the early days of Auto-wrappers, and we will be scanning them and putting them on the website soon, 


Also some of you know that Trevor Kirby recently retired from Bradman Lake - Autowrappers after many years of great service to the company, over these years he has helped and trained many new comers in the business, passing on his skills and knowledge to many others (including myself) we would like to wish trevor all the best in his retirement, Andy Mattless has sent us some photos of Trevor's retirement party which i will be posting soon.

Posted 19-03-17 

March Update

As most of the readers of this site are aware this year is the 70th aniversary of Auto-Wrappers, the company was started in 1947 by Charles "Bill" Maddison, In April 2017, Jean Cann ( Bill Maddisons Daughter ) and her family will visit to the Beccles factory to celebrate 70 years of manufacturing the Auto-Wrapper brand of equipment, and to see some of the latest developments in the packaging world. We look forward to her visit. we will update you with more information and photos of the event when it happens. 

Also this week "The History of Autowrappers"  had a great article published in the Magazine "Packaging Europe" the magazine is one of  the world's leading packaging magazines. and has the latest Packaging news, analysis, discussion & contacts for international buyers & suppliers, and covers the latest developments in the packaging world, and it was fantastic to see the "History of Autowrappers" website in the breaking news section.   

To read the article click here 

Posted 23-02-17

Machines Section Update

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed one of the largest updates to the machines section that we have ever done, with some fantastic new photos, information and brochures, many never seen before, the section we have updated is "The Whiffler Road Machines 1976 to 1996", including the introduction of the electronic machines and  also the rare Vertical Bagging machines. many of the brochures can be opened in a new window, and can be read just as they were printed. 

To view the The Whiffler Road Machines 1976 to 1996 Machine section please click here 

Posted 22-02-17

Auto-Wrappers sold to Tobenoil in 1958

We have been sent a great newspaper article from Jean and Kenneth Cann, as most of you will know by now, Jean Is Charles Maddison's daughter, the article outlines the sale of the company by Charles Maddison to the Tobenoil group in 1958, it  has a great photo of Charles and Jean, and is full of historical information regarding the rise and success of Auto-Wrappers.  

To view the article please click here

Posted 19-02-17

Updates to the People Page. 

The Photos that were sent to us by Alan Hawes have now been added to the People page section Autowrappers Around the world, these were taken during an installation of a wrapping system in India during 1997.

Also added to this page is a photo from Jon Bye taken in Warsaw with Trevor Kirby.

        To visit the Auto-wrappers "Around the World"  page please click here

We have also been sent some other photos for the people page from Jon Bye, these have been added to the bottom of the Whiffler road section and the events section. these can be found at the bottom of each page   

To visit the Auto-wrappers "Events"  page please click here

To visit the Auto-wrappers "Whiffler Road"  page please click here

Posted 09-02-17

Thursday 9th Feb Update 

As mentioned below we have now updated the History section to include the wonderful information we have recieved from Mrs Jean Cann ( Bill Maddison's  daughter ) also the People section has been updated, and  with lots more photos to come very soon, including some great Photos from Alan Hawes taken whilst working in India.  

                                                         To visit the new history update  please click here

Posted 09-02-17

 Website updates. 

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates on this page over the last month, I have been very busy working in India ( and im still there ) and Paul has been busy back in the office at Beccles, but that does not mean nothing has been happening,  as usual we have been extremely busy behind the scenes, and once  again just as we think we have nothing more to add to the website, more great information and photos come along, This week has been very exciting for me and Paul, as when we first started the website we searched for information on Charles William Maddison and how he started Autowrappers (Norwich) Ltd. I did internet searches to see if i could find any contacts with family or relatives regarding "Bills" History, but unfortunately i could find nothing, this week we were contacted by Jean Cann and her husband Kenneth.

Jean is Charles William Maddison's Daughter, Jean has sent us some fantastic information regarding the Life of Charles William Maddison, including all about his life, prior to forming Autowrappers, it is a great informative and historical addition to the website and we will be publishing it very shortly. Jean also worked at the Edward St Factory until 1961 , so we will be puplishing some Photos that she has sent us and we are also  looking forward to her knowledge of Auto-wrappers during that time. 

The above is great news for us especially as this is the 70th year of manufacturing Auto-Wrapper Machines, more information to come very soon on this special occasion.

I am currently working on the People section and to make it easier to navigate, we have divided it into sub sections

                                                             To visit the New People page please click here

Also we would like to wish Richard Rush a very happy birthday today, and thank him for the many contributions he has given the site,   he has sent us a great photo taken during the Rowntrees Pastilles Installation at  Fawdon near Newcastle, which we have added to the peoples page.

                                                             To view Richard's photo please    click here 

Posted 03-01-17

The Whiffler Road Years

Another large update added tonight, this covers the Early Whiffler Road years when the company was owned by Tobenoil the update covers the History and also the machines produced during 1966 to 1976, the company started producing new machines and diversifying into othe packaging markets during this period, and also explains the SIG pack connection. we have also added a links section on the Contact Us page, please visit our Friends on the internet that have a connection with the history of Norwich.

   To view the  History pages please    click here 


  To view the Machines page please    click here 


Posted 01-01-17


A very happy new year to all our readers, 2017 is a special year for Auto-wrappers as this year is the 70th anniversary of manufacturing wrapping machines, since the company was started in Norwich during 1947. this website has grown rapidly in the last year, thanks to all the photos and articles we have been given, and its thanks to you all that it is now one of the most comprehensive History of Packaging websites on the internet. We have a lot more  great updates coming over the next few weeks but we are still looking out for further information, articles, stories, and newspaper cuttings that any of you can share, please email us if you have anything that we can use on the website. todays History page ( section 4 ) update is only a small update that covers the drawings and plans and contruction of the  Whiffler Road Factory. 

To view the History page please  click here  

Posted 31-12-16

The last update of the year, 

Some more great updates to finish the year, we have now updated the History pages parts 1, 2, and 3 the later years are now in the process of being updated and will be active over the next few weeks.  

To view the New updated History pages please  click here  

Posted 27-12-16

( 3rd Big Update )

Hello to everyone, its been a while since the last update, but we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some more great information and photos on the History of Autowrappers, today we have just completed updating the site database and uploading some fantastic new pages to the machines section, so here we have our next big update....  this covers the machines produced in the Edward St Factory after Autowrappers was sold to Tobenoil in 1958, it was during this period that the first Flow-wrapper was produced,  this paved the way for Autowrappers over the next 56 years and is still our core business today.

A big thankyou to Paul Holmes who has provided the photos and information for this, and upcoming  updates 

Myself ( Karl Dawson ) and Paul Holmes would like to wish all our visitors a very Happy New Year.

To view the New Machines update (Part 3, The Edward Street Machines The Tobenoil Years 1958 to 1966)

please click here  


Posted 27-11-16


   ( 2nd big update )

The second installment has been added, we have also changed the navigation links to be easier to use and easier to find articles. the latest addition is a comprehensive view of all the machines manufactured at the Edward St factory between 1953 and 1958   also added to this page is the price list for these machines, we believe that this price list was produced in the late 1950s 

To view the New Machines page please click here 


Posted 25-11-16

 ( 1st big update )

A few of you are aware that myself (Karl Dawson) and Paul Holmes have been working hard behind the scenes to produce one of the biggest and best updates that this site has seen so far, im pleased to anounce that we are starting to Roll out the updates and we will continue over the next few weeks ... the History section and the Machines section have a new look and navigation menu. we now have so many new photos that we have seperated the photos in to the year and factory of manufacturing, So far only the early years 1947 to 1953 have been updated, but the rest will follow over the next few weeks, I hope everyone enjoys this as much as we have putting it together 

To view the New History page please  click here 


 To view the New Machines page please click here 



Posted 24-11-16

We have been contacted by Rod Horne with some further information to a couple of photos

To view the photos on the history page please click here and click here

Posted 22-11-16

Autowrappers Reunion November 2016

This Years Auto-Wrappers Reunion was held on Friday 18th of Novemeber 2016 at the Reindeer Pub in Nowich.

The event was organised by Andrew Gill and had a fantastic turnout, great to see so many old and new faces. 

Our Official Website photographer Andy Mattless was in attendance at the event. 

To see Andys Photos of the evening please click here

A Photo was sent to us from Trevor Kirby, he believes it was taken in 1972  or 73... i some how agree ... 

Warning contains images that should only be viewed by a mature audience ..... to view  click here


Posted 16-11-16

Photo Caption Competition.  The winning entry for the Caption Competition was sent to us by David Granados 


 Posted 27-10-16

We were contacted by Tony Taylor (ex Nabisco) who has visited our website and sent us his recolections of working with Autowrappers back in the 80s,  its great to hear the customers perspective and experience of working with Autowrappers  back in the day,  to view the article please click here


Posted 27-10-16

Had some great information sent to us today from Rod Horne, regarding the names of people in photos AW0240 and AW0241, To view the photos on the history page please click here

Posted 22-10-16

A nice little update today on the History Page, we have been sent the original company formation document from 1948 when Autowrappers was registered as a limited company,to view the article please click here 

Also added documents regarding the companies change of name in 1990 to view please click here 

Also added is an article in the "Old News" Section from 1997 when AW celibrated its 50 years in business 

To view the article click here


Posted 20-10-16

Updated the site with some additions on the History page, some of you may have noticed the "Old News" button on the history page recently, clicking on this takes you to an area dedicated to old newspaper and magazine articles, We have added a news item from the EDP Circa 2000 around the time that Philip Corke was running the business to view the article  click here

Also some articles sent in by Jon Bye from an internal magazine called PACK-IT, to view the article  click here

Posted 16-10-16

I'm back in the UK after many months away working in South Africa, I will try and get a few more updates done over the next week or so,  Firstly Paul has added ...  David Mortimers "Mortys" History article to the tell your story page, which i must add, is a very funny and enjoyable read, I  have added a slide show of the cartoons of Morty to this article ( first time i have used this website feature  so hopefully it will work on all browsing devices ).


Also added is the news about the Auto-Wrappers Reunion on Friday 18th of Novemeber 2016 at the Reindeer Pub in Nowich check out the "Tell Your Story" page for more information click here

Also added on the History page is a photo sent to us by Kelvin Woodard which shows how the Edward St site looks today.  to see the photo click here

Posted 07-10-16

 Added Morty's History article to the Tell Your Story page, complete with some drawings of Morty by Ernie Rose.

to read the article click here


Posted 24-5-16

Sorry to inform everyone of this sad News, we have just heard of the passing yesterday of Adrian Gardiner, 

Adrian had been with Autowrappers for many years and was still working as a design engineer for them under the Bradman Lake banner until yesterday, our condolences to his family at this sad time, i will update further information as we are informed.

Posted 21-5-16

Just completed a HUGE update to the site today over 40 new photos added to the PEOPLE page, these were kindly sent to us by David Mortimer, most of them span his career at Autowrappers and feature colleagues from those years, especially some great photos of Mike Knights who is sadly no longer with us, i hope you all enjoy looking at these photos as much as we have enjoyed compiling them on the site.  

To view the photos please click here

Posted 18-5-16

Facebook Button added to the "Contact Us" page, if you have any stories or photos you would like to share on this site you can now upload them to us via Facebook, also if you want to be notified of any updates to this site via Facebook ....  Click the button and then join the History of Autowrappers Facebook group.

Posted 15-5-16

A Major update today on the "History page" with over 25 new photographs added, Many thanks to Richard Rush and Trevor Kirby for allowing us to scan the amazing photos that cover many years of Autowrappers history. 

(the new photos are numbered AW0222 to AW0247) To view the photos please click here

Also added in the "machine" section is a very rare photo of a Super 2000 Duplex machine (AW0245)

and also a photo of a sign removed from whiffler road when it closed, courtesy of Stephen Nichols.   


Posted 22-4-16

Some new photos sent to us from Paul Tink have now been published on the People page 

Posted 10-4-16

It's Here ... We have just completed "The Andy Mattless Bumper Book of Fun" a collection of photos taken by Andy over the years during his time working at Autowrappers,  To view the photos please click here

Also today we have published a request form a reader  (Kiron Chavda ) in the tell your story section. 

Posted 5-4-16

Large update today, Simon Gash sent us an Article written by his Father Dick Gash, outlining his time spent working at Autowrappers along with many photos from the era, thank you both for sharing them with us. 

To read the article click here

Posted 1-4-16

Added a photo on the "People" page of Dick Gash working on a Polo machine sent to us by Simon Gash 

Posted 30-3-16

Added a photo on the "People" page sent to us from David Crisp of the Cromer to Norwich Pram race 

Posted 29-3-16

1. We have added another photo to the "History" page from Mick Tooke showing the dispatch of machines from the Edwards St factory.

2. We have added a new photo to the "History" and "People" sections, kindly sent to us by David Crisp, the photo shows the Edward St development section around 1963-64 

3. We have moved Website updates to here on the home page to keep the story page tidy.


Posted 26-3-16

1. We have added some new photos in the history section supplied to us by Mick Tooke.

2. New on the "Tell Your Story" page... An account by Rod ( Fred ) Horne of his time working at Auto-Wrappers,

giving us a great insight to the working conditions at Edward St during the 50s and 60s. 

To read the article click here

3. We are currently developing the "Andy Mattless Bumber Book of Fun" which will coming soon in the  "People" page, this contains many photos taken by Andy over the years.

4. Ivan Mortimer has provided an update to his story on the "Tell your story" page. 


Posted 28-01-16 

An artical from Ivan Mortimer titled "My Life at Autowrappers" has been posted on the "Tell your story" page 

To read the article click here


Posted 30-12-15

The Autowrappers Calendar Story from Andy Mattless has been posted on the "Tell your story" page. 

To read the article click here


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