In 1964 the orders for packaging machines was increasing and the Edward St factory had become too small to keep up with demand , a new premises had to be found, The owners of Autowrappers decided that it would be best to build a brand new purpose built factory. this section looks at the design and documentation for the construction for the Whiffler Road factory that would be built on the outskirts of Norwich. 
Historical Documents from the Whiffler Road site 
In the early 60's Stanley G Warrell a local architect based in Horning, Norfolk, was aproached to design a new modern factory for the Whiffler Road site, Stanley was a master of designing modern futuristic homes around Norfolk and used his skills to design a building that would be home for Autowrappers for many decades. 
An application to the board of trade was presented on 24th of November 1964 this would allow this Industrial Development to commence if approved.
Phot Ref: AW0140 Architects Drawing by Stanley G Warrell 1964 ( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
On the 13th of January 1965 an Industrial Development Certificate was issued by Board of Trade in London this would allow the application for planning permission for the building project at Whiffler Rd to commence. 
Photo Ref: AW0151 
Board of Trade  Industrial Development Certificate
page 1 ( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Photo Ref: AW0152 
Board of Trade  Industrial Development Certificate
page 2 ( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Part 4: Construction of the Whiffler Road Factory 1964 to 1968 ( The Tobenoil Years )
On the 14th of January 1965 the plans were approved by Norwich City Council, but planning permission was not granted until the 8th of April 1965, it was only at this point construction of the new factory could commence  
Photo Ref: AW0141 Aproval of plans 1965  
( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Photo Ref: AW0142 Planning permission granted  Page 1, 1965 
( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Photo Ref: AW0143 Planning permission granted  Page 2, 1965 
( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Below are the Fire Certificates issued prior to the Whiffler Rd expansion
Photo Ref: AW0145
Fire Certificate Page 1, 1967 
( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Photo Ref: AW0146 
Fire Certificate Page 2, 1967 
( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
Photo Ref: AW0147 Fire Certificate Page 3, 1967 
( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )
As the industry around Norwich and the rest of the UK  grew, so did the demand for wrapping machines, this required a larger work force, after only 3 years at the new site the factory was running at capacity, in 1968 the company again requested the skills of Architect Stanley G Warrell, it was decided to expand the factory area from 40,000 Sq Ft to 75,000 Sq Ft, with an aditional  3,300 Sq Ft added to accommodate extra office space, a few years later a plating shop was added at the lower right corner of the building. 
Photo Ref: AW0150 Plans for expansion 1968 ( Courtesy of Peter Tomalin )