Part 1  
The very first Auto-Wrapper Machines  
(1947 to 1953) 
Cut and Wrap Machines
A length of paper or plastic film was cut from the reel to the right size then folded around the products, this was ideal for items like Soap and Cigarettes. 
Photo Ref: AW054 
"E" Machine 
Photo Ref: AW0355 Date Code Stamping Unit
Photo Ref: AW0356 "CW Machine" Cut and Wrap for chocolate bars and Ice cream
Photo Ref: AW0358 The "WS" Machine
Photo Ref: AW0359 The "CW" Machine with a gravity feeder for Ice Cream
Photo Ref: AW0365 The "E" Machine 
Photo Ref: AW0366 The "WL" Machine with chain infeed 
Photo Ref: AW0367 The "WL" Machine with chain infeed 
Photo Ref: AW0368 The "RS" Machine with belt infeed 
Photo Ref: AW0369 The "CW" Machine  Cut and Wrap used for chocolate and ice creams  
Photo Ref: AW0374 The "WS" Machine used for soap products 
Photo Ref: AW0375 The "WST" Machine with chain infeed 
Photo Ref: AW0376 The "WS" Machine with Heat Sealer  
Photo Ref: AW0378 an Unknown machine ?  
Photo Ref: AW0379 The "ES" Machine. 
Photo Ref: AW0380 The "ES" Machine 
Photo Ref: AW0381 The "EW" Machine. 
Photo Ref: AW0382 The "EW" Machine.