The History of Auto-Wrappers
The very first Auto-Wrapper Machines  
(1947 to 1953) 
The early machines manufactured by Auto Wrappers consisted of two different types... 
"Cut and Wrap"
machines in which a length of paper or plastic film was cut from the reel to the right size then folded around the products, this was ideal for items like Soap and Cigarettes. 
"Roll Wrapper"
machines were designed to produce a round or square tube that consisted of multiple products wrapped with foil or paper and then an added paper label wrapped around the outside, the principle of the design is very similar to a pocket cigarette rolling machine from the same era,  these machines were to be the jewel in the crown for Auto Wrappers and contributed to the rapid growth of the company, 
they were used to wrap products like.... Polos, Rolos and Fruit gums.
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Cut and Wrap Machines
Roll Wrapper Machines
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