Roll Wrapper Machines 
"Roll Wrapper"
Photo Ref: AW0357 The "R" Machine the first standard Roll Wrapper 
Photo Ref: AW053
RP Square Pack Machine 
Photo Ref: AW0360 The "RP" Machine with improved feeder for square and rectangular packs
Photo Ref: AW0361 The "RP" Machine with improved feeder for rectangular packs of chewing gum
Photo Ref: AW0362 The "R" Machine
Photo Ref: AW0364 The "Marlon" Special Feeder for putting small sweets into a cardboard tray
Photo Ref: AW0372 The "RP" Machine this was one of the first "SPANGLES" square pack machines produced 
Below is the image of a Bartleet Roll Wrapper, although we have limited information on this machine, we believe that it is a Auto-wrapper R that has been re branded with the Bartleet name, our research has found that Bartleet was a major importer and exporter and distributor of Packaging and Processing machines in the late 40s. The main sheet has a print reference ( R.W.I 149 )  which we can assume stands for Roll Wrapper Instructions Jan 1949. Any further information on this machine would be very helpful.
Photo Ref: AW0063 Bartleet Roll wrapper
Bartleet Roll Wrapper Full Installation Manual. To view this image in detail "Right Click" and select "Save Image as"  Save to a folder on your computer and view the large image with a picture viewer 
Photo Ref: AW0064 Bartleet Installation Manual
machines were designed to produce a round or square tube that consisted of multiple products wrapped with foil or paper and then an added paper label wrapped around the outside, the principle of the design is very similar to a pocket cigarette rolling machine from the same era,  these machines were to be the jewel in the crown for Auto Wrappers and contributed to the rapid growth of the company, 
they were used to wrap products like.... Polos, Rolos and Fruit gums.