The History of
The Machines
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Part 1  The very first Auto-Wrapper Machines 1947 to 1953 Part 2 The Edward Street Machines  1953 to 1958 Part 3 The Edward Street Machines 1958 to 1966  (The Tobenoil Years) Part 5  The Whiffler Road Machines   The "Autowrappers Norwich" (early GEI) years 1976 to 1996 Part 6 The Whiffler Road Machines   The "GEI Autowrappers" (later GEI) years 1996 to 2002 Part 7 The Old Hall Road and Beccles Machines The Bradman Lake Years 2002 to Current  Part 4  The Whiffler Road Machines  1966 to 1976 (The Tobenoil Years)