The History of Auto-Wrappers
The Edward Street Machines 
(The Tobenoil Years) 1958 to 1966
In 1958 Bill Maddison decided to sell the business to an Investment company by the name of Tobenoil. He remained with the company as Managing Director for a few years after the sale, The Company name also remained as Auto-Wrappers Norwich Ltd, the portfolio of machines increased with the demand for different types of packaging During this next period the demand for Roll Wrapper machines also increased, but in 1960 a new type of wrapping machine was to explode on the scene, this became Autowrappers bread and butter for many years to come. The 1960s saw the development of the AT Flow- Wrapper, this new wrapping technology would eventually replace the "Cut and Wrap" machines with a new style of wrap that provided an air tight seal and keep products fresh for longer,In the sections below the written Information and technical data for these machines is provided in the form of the original typed documents supplied in the sales portfolio of this period.
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