Part 3 The Edward St Machines
The Tobenoil Years (1958 to 1966)
Flow-Wrapping Machines
In 1960 a new packaging technology was sweeping the industry,"Flow-wrapping" also known as Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal (HFFS) this style of packaging produced a Pillow pack style wrap, this is still the most popular form of food wrapping today, and apart from the introduction of cold sealing in the early 90s it has not changed much over the last 50 years,   
Auto Wrappers developed and manufactured its first flow wrapper in 1960, and called it the "AT" machine, This was the for runner to the Versoflow machines Although this created a new market for Autowrappers it also saw the gradual demise of the Cut and Wrap style machines as customers preferred the hermetic air tight seal which increased shelf life of their products.        
Photo Ref: AW0504 The "AT" Flow Wrapping Machine  
Photo Ref: AW0501 - 02 - 03. The "AT" Flow Wrapping Machine Specifications