The History of
Autowrappers People
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 Below you will find the people that are part of "Autowrappers History"
If you have any photos of yourself or members of your family working at Autowrappers 
Please send them to us and we will make them part of the Autowrappers History.
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1. Charles "Bill" Maddison and Associates   2. The People at The Edward Street Factory 3. The People at  The Whiffler Road Factory   4. Auto Wrappers Dinner Dance  at the Grosvenor Rooms, Norwich 1958  5. Auto-Wrappers Xmas Reunions 6. The Golden Boys Luncheons  7. Other AW  Functions, Parties, and Events 8. Retirement, and other presentations 9. The Andy Mattless Bumper Book of Fun 10. Auto-Wrappers "Around the World"   AW Employees visiting customers sites. 11. Autowrappers Night Out 1987 12. Other Auto Wrappers Photos