Auto-Wrappers "Around the World" 
Featuring photos taken during Auto-Wrappers installations in the UK and abroad.
Taken in the bar during the Rowntrees Pastille plant installation at Nestle Fawdon UK, possibly December 1989 or 1990 
Left to right – Brian Partridge, David Brighty, Andrew Jeffs, Richard Rush, Flossy the bar maid, Peter Scott & Nigel Walker,
Photo Ref: AW0619 Photo Courtesy of Richard Rush 
You know you have spent too long working away from home when the hotel throws a leaving party. 
With Graham Smith and Karl Dawson ( circa 2001 ) Taken at the Holiday inn Itasca, whilst working in Nestle Wonka Factory in the USA 
Photo Ref: AW0160 
Auto-Wrappers Abroad.....  Paul Tink (left) and Andy Mattless (right)
Photo Ref: AW0221 Photo Courtesy of Paul TInk
Morty on site with John Youngs 
Photo Ref: AW0268 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
John Youngs ... chillin out 
Photo Ref: AW0269 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
Mike Knights on site with a (unknown) Customer
Photo Ref: AW0273 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
The photo below was sent to us by Jon Bye, 
Trevor Kirby and Me near the top of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw about 92’ 
Motorhead’s Lemmy once famously said “Who parked that f**king rocket there”
Maybe he was also responsible for the graffiti behind me and Trev.
Photo Ref: AW0642 
Auto-Wrappers in India 1997 from Alan Hawes
The Photos below have been sent to us by Alan Hawes, they were taken during the installation of the Perk Line at Cadbury Malanpur Plant near Gwarlior, in India. 
The Installation team was, left to right,  Karl Dawson, Paul Johnson,Alan Hawes and Andy Jeffs, Peter Scot was with us in spirit,  ( in the red box ) additional  later software support by Jon Bye and  Kevin Grey.    
Photo Ref: AW0628 Courtesy of Alan Hawes.
Our Hotel at Malanpur, "The house on the Hill, Malanpurville"  it was quite remote but was guarded by two security guys, one had an Elephant gun and the other a Musket, so we felt "kind of safe".   
Photo Ref : AW0636 courtesy of Alan Hawes.
 Installing the last ever Autowrapper Flowtronic 410 machines these were replaced by the FT120
Photo Ref:AW0626 Courtesy of Alan Hawes 
Ready to go back to the Hotel, with  Paul Johnson, Cadbury Engineer, Andy Jeffs, Security Guard, Karl Dawson, and Amarnath Gupta. 
Photo Ref: AW0634 courtesy of Alan Hawes.
Waiting on the steps of Cadbury, for the transport to arrive, With Paul Johnson, Karl Dawson, Andy Jeffs, And Amarnath Gupta.
Photo Ref: AW0636 courtesy of Alan Hawes
A day trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, we had to take a rickshaw to the monument, the poor lad pedalling the rickshaw could not take the strain of Big AL and Chunky Karl in the back of his rickshaw so halfway, he had to get off and push, Alan did ask if the young lad wanted to sit in the back and he would have a go at pedalling , but the young lad refused and pushed us all the way to the monument. 
Photo Ref: AW0627 Coutesy of Alan Hawes.
We finally arrived at the Taj Mahal and all sat on the iconic seat made famous by Princess Diana.
left to right. Andy Jeffs, Karl Dawson, Alan Hawes, and Paul Johnson.
Photo Ref: AW0623 Courtesy of Alan Hawes.
Dinner with the Cadbury team 
Photo ref: AW0641