The People of Auto-Wrappers Whiffler Road factory
Whiffler Road workshop with (back left) Jack Lowe  (front left) Ted "Bunny" Smith and (right) Johnny Dye
Thanks to Kelvin Woodard for help with names 
Photo Ref: AW0050
Anybody fancy a Polo? .... Dick Gash ( left ) worked at Auto Wrappers from 1952 to his retirement in 1995. This photo was taken in 1978  at the Autowrappers Factory on Whiffler Road looking at the Polo Cartoning Machine are Dick Gash, Reg Suffolk, Paul Leak (front) from the Drawing office. Cardboard cartons came down as flat packs, glued by the machine, formed then filled up with Polo’s.
Photo Ref: AW0210 Photo Courtesy of Simon and Dick Gash
1978 Dick Gash at Whiffler Road working on a twin feed Super 2000 Roll Wrap and Cartoner 
Photo Ref: AW0218 Photo Courtesy of Simon  and Dick Gash, and thanks to Geoff King and Dick Bull for filling in the missing names
People are:
1: Billy Allen
2: Dave Garnet
3: Stanley Osbourne
4: Jack Lowe
5: Bob Bull
6: Ken Kalinski
7: George Proudfoot
8: Dick Gash
1978 Autowrappers at an exhibition
Left to right, Mike Bangay, Barry Moore, Malcom Gurney, Robert Brown.
All Development Engineers standing in front of Machine in an exhibition (Probably Birmingham)
Photo Ref: AW0217 Photo Courtesy of Simon and Dick Gash
Brian Woods and Ian White 
Photo Ref: AW0052
Stephen Pope on the centre lathe ( foreground )
Lenny Beard on the Herbert 4 Capstan Lathe taken between 1967 to 1969 
Photo Ref: AW0053 
Malcom Gurney, Roger Knight, Tommy Neil, Barry Moore.
Photo Ref: AW0098
The Whiffler Road Crew
Photo Ref: AW096
01  Rodney Townley
02  Roger Woodrow 
03  Chris Crowe
04  Brian Crome 
05  Alan Smith
06  Alan McDonald 
07  Paul Holmes 
08  Andy Mattless 
09  David Aldridge  
10  David Tuddenham 
11  Alan Lappin 
12  Andy Gill  
13  Dave Brighty 
14  Karl Stolworthy 
15  John Tink  
16  Bob Lincoln
(Whiffler Road ) Bob Tyrell, Jonny Johnson, Stephen (Pickles) Nichols
Photo Ref: AW0070
( Whiffler Road ) Andy Mattless, Jonny Johnson.
Photo Ref: AW0072 
Photo Ref: AW0154 Courtesy of Phil and Carol White.
1, John Cassey
2, Ron Punchcard
3, Phil White
4, John Dye.
5, Fred Hare.
6, Steven Durrant.
7, Bertie Stone.
Photo Ref: AW0155 Courtesy of Phil and Carol White. 
Thanks to Julian Woods and Danny Corder for help with missing names 
 1, Nigel Dunthorne
 2, Julian Woods
 3, Roy Lee
 4, John Bartlett
 5, Clive Ulmer
 6, Paul Wright
 7, Bertie Stone
 8, Danny Corder
 9, John Dye
10, Lee Payne
11, Peter Billings
12, Fred Hare
13, Mark Freestone
14, Chris Rayner
15, Ray Hannant
Photo Ref: AW0156 Courtesy of Phil and Carol White. taken in 1984
1, Phil White
2, Caroline Saniford
3, Don Trimble
4, John Cranmer.
5, Julian Woods.
6, Rex Burr.
7, Michael Harvey.
8, Peter Billings.
9, David King.
10, David Whyles.
11, David Garnet.
12, Geoff Bloomfield.
13, David Mortimer.
14, Roy Cooke.
15, Adrian Gardener.
16, Brian Daynes.
17, Erie Rose.
18, John Wythe.
19, Michael Knights.
20, Fred Coubrough.
Thanks to Kelvin Woodard for helping with the name of Number 4 and Adrian Warnes for the name of Number 1 
Photo Ref: AW0157 Courtesy of Phil and Carol White.
1, Malcolm Lake
2, Phil White
3, Kelvin Woodard.
4, Roland Catchpole
Photo Ref: AW0158 Courtesy of Phil and Carol White.  
1, Julian Woods.
2, Clive Ulmer.
3, Phil White.
4, Tony Cannell-Smith.
5, John Wythe.
6, Dick Gash.
7, Kevin Haylock.
8, Dick Payne.
9, Mike Perfect.
10, Michael Knights.
The Auto-Wrappers Sheet Metal Shop Crew from 1997 
Photo Ref: AW0220 Photo Courtesy of Paul TInk
1. Steve Denby.
2. Brian Chrome.
3. Steve Nichols.
4. David Howell.
5. Kelly.
6. Bob Tyrell.
7. Les Gouch.
8. Craig Bryant.
9. Dick Bull.
10. Tom Durrance.
11. Terry Bradford.
The photo belows shows Dennis Smith (on the right)  testing a Super 2000 Roll Wrapper, Dennis was a  Chief Design Engineer at Autowrappers
( Thanks to Sarah Allerton for letting us know that Denis is her father )
Photo Ref: AW0231 Photo Courtesy of Richard Rush and Trevor Kirby
Another day in the office Graham Conway, David Garnet and David Mortimer.  
Photo Ref: AW0259 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
Another day in the office with  David Mortimer.  
Photo Ref: AW0258 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
Making sure the Customers get the correct parts (after tea break that is)
Barbara Myhill, David Mortimer, and Roger Knight.   
Photo Ref: AW0260 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
One day i will get myself a Boat thinks .....  Roger Knight 
Photo Ref: AW0261 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer ( photo taken in late 2000 )
David Mortimer and Julian Woods
Photo Ref: AW0262 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer
It was decided by others at Autowrappers that Morty's bike lacked some Christmas spirit, but it was soon rectified !  
Photo Ref: AW0263 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer
Sometimes it wasn’t always easy at Autowrappers, when things got tough staff were paid by other means  
Photo Ref: AW0264 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer
Morty predicting the future in 2019 for an unknown draughtsman ....  ( Drawn in 1979 )
Photo Ref: AW0266 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer
David Warner popping into the office to say Hi 
Photo Ref: AW0267 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer. photo taken late 2000
John Plumstead and Mike Knights. 
Photo Ref: AW0271 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer 
A very sad and poignant polaroid photo taken by David Mortimer,  just after the passing of Mike Knights .... a man who is a legend in the Autowrappers fraternity.......  in the photo .. Geoff Bloomfeild  (left)  John Colk (right)
Photo Ref: AW0282 Photo Courtesy of David Mortimer and Thanks to Julian Woods for the name of the guy on the right.
Roger Knight RIP 2017
Kevin Haylock making some fine tuning adjustments to a super 4000 roll wrapper in the style of a certain engineer.  
                                   Photo Ref: AW0645 Photo Courtesy of Jon Bye