Andy Mattless & Ken Childerhouse from 1987, taken in the old maintenance room at Whiffler Rd, 
we sat on old oil drums for tea break.
Photo Ref: AW0073
Left to Right ...  Big Ady ( he worked in our steel stores for a short time), Andy Mattless, John Tink , Dave Howell. 
I was wearing Johns Wedding suit as some were told it was a 70s night. 
Photo Ref: AW0074
Andy Mattless and Geoff King ..... Taken at Whiffler Rd , 1989, in the electrical bay 
Photo Ref: AW0075
Micky Tedds and Andy Mattless.
Micky is In front of his beloved Kearns borer, he was one of AWs many talented machinists that could do amazing things on old worn out machines. 
Photo Ref: AW0076
Bob Lincoln and  Andy Mattless
Bobs last day before retirement. 
Taken at Bradman Lake ,Beccles 2015
Photo Ref: AW0078
Xmas meal 1986 at The Coach & Horses (Little Bethel St) 
Left of table from rear
Andy Mattless, Alan Hawes , Terry Fulcher, Rodney Townley , Gino Batch, John Marlee, Chris Raynor, Andy  Bobbitt, Chris Sadd. 
Right of table from rear,
John Tink, Andy Gill, David Aldridge, Tim Read, Charlie Newby, Martin Elsley, Ray Everett.
Brady, Rick Rush.
Photo Ref: AW0079
Xmas meal 1986 at The Coach & Horses (Little Bethel St) 
Tim Read dressed as a Gnome holding his Game for Laugh trophy We all told him it was fancy dress and it had to be something to do with Xmas ( but he was the only one we told  ) Came on the bus as well...  poor sod.  
Photo Ref: AW0080
Left to Right,  Dave Aldridge, Tim Read (The Gnome), Charlie Newby.
Photo Ref: AW0082
Left to Right, Rodney Townly, John Tink, Alan Hawes, Bob Lincoln, Andy Gill.
Photo Ref: AW0083
Left to Right,  Rodney Townly, John Tink, Andy Mattless , Alan Hawes.
Photo Ref: AW0084
Always careful with his money , Rodney Townly handing over a fiver he owed to John Tink 
( one year after he borrowed it ) 
Photo Ref: AW0085
Neville Harrison's retirement drink at The Whiffler approx 2002. 
Left to Right ...  Matt Havers (Daf) an old friend , did not work at AW,  Andy Mattless, Peter Fox, Nigel Walker.
Photo Ref: AW0071
Part 2
Part 2