Approx 1995, Whiffler Rd , Norwich
Left to Right, Andy Mattless, Peter Fox and Leigh Woods, standing in front of The Gurney Clock, which we part restored for Norwich City Council . Now on display in The Castle Mall 
for a few years but has recently been removed.
Photo Ref: AW0097
Rodney Townly and his beloved Jones & Shipman cylindrical grinder , 2006 Whiffler Rd , Norwich. 
Photo Ref: AW0102
Old Hall Rd, Norwich, 
Left to Right, Kevin Haylock , Andy Mattless , Graham Smith.
Photo Ref: AW0188
Left to Right, Graham Smith, Andy Mattless, Amir Asgari.
Photo Ref: AW0189
Left to Right. Andy Mattless, John Antcliffe (sadly no longer with us) 
Photo Ref: AW0190
2008 Old Hall Rd,My last day after 30 years of working at Auto Wrappers. (Left to Right)
Graham Smith , Steve Tayt, Craig Bryenton, Paul Brooks, Mick Rix, Les Gooch, Steve Denby, Dave Warner, 
Chris Crowe, Gorden Owens, Alan Hulcoop,crouching) Andy Mattless, Geoff King, Terry Meacham, Rick Rush, Darren Plumstead,Mick Gosling, David Johnson (Jakey), Phil Culum, Bryan Parker, Kevin Mathews, Andy Gill.
Photo Ref: AW0191
Peter Fox and Andy Mattless
Photo Ref: AW0192
Dick Bull and Kevin Mathews, 
Myself and Dick talked Kevin ( a mad Ipswich fan ) into wearing a Norwich shirt as I was leaving, what a star !!!
Photo Ref: AW0193
Left to Right, Andy Mattless, Craig Bryenton, Alan ( Mac ) McDonald, Steve Denby.
Photo Ref: AW0194
Terry Meacham, pointing out some tea stains on an old drawing at Old Hall Rd  with John (Diddler) Dye. 
Photo Ref: AW0195
Geoff King (Alf Git ) 
Photo Ref: AW0196
Dick Bull and the late Mick Gosling, Old Hall Rd , with a Super 2000 paper feed.
Photo Ref: AW0197
Mick Gosling and  Andy Mattless
Photo Ref: AW0198
Behind a Super 2000 Roll Wrapping machine
Left to Right, Dick Bull, John Dye,Tony Cannell Smith, Chris Crowe, Steve Denby, Mick Gosling. 
Photo Ref: AW0199
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