Video and photos courtesy of Geoff King and Andy Mattless
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Photo Ref: AW0124 
Phil  Cullum, Ady Rix and Paul Smith
Photo Ref: AW0125 
Phil Cullum and Ady Rix
Photo Ref: AW0126
 Phil and Andy 
Photo Ref: AW0127 
Phil and Andy
Photo Ref: AW0128
Trevor Pells, Geoff King and Karl Stolworthy
Photo Ref: 0129
The Whiffler Road Crew
Photo Ref AW0130 
Amir Asgari
Photo Ref: AW0131
TKs on the lookout
Photo Ref: AW0132
David Sloane, Phil Cullum, and Graham Smith
Photo Ref: AW0133
Nigel Walker
Photo Ref: AW0134
Aubrey Hunt
Photo Ref: AW0138
Aubrey Hunt
Photo Ref: AW0135
John Dungar and Chris Crowe
Photo Ref: AW0136
Dicky Bull And Andy Mattless
Photo Ref: AW0137
Brian Parker, Nigel Walker, Trevor Kirby, Aubrey Hunt
The Autowrappers 2005 Calendar.