Posted 30-12-15
The next story involves the AW legend that is "Phil Cullum" apart from being a really great guy and a fantastic sport, Phil is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, Back in 2004 just after the release of the "Calendar Girls" film the following situation arose.....   
The Autowrappers 2005 Calendar. ( by Andy Mattless )
Phil would work in the Paint shop and the story begins when he used to strip off down to his underpants, outside the paint shop to change into his white disposable suit to spray paint in. I said to him, "that's a bit brave"  and he said "it didn't bother him stripping off in front of people" I then mentioned that he should be on a calendar like the film "Calender Girls", I then said jokingly that we do one here for charity every Xmas and some of the lads who worked at Autowrappers took part, Phil’s eyes lit up and he asked if he could be in it, "No problem" i said to Phil, i then had to prime up all the lads in the workshop that Phil was our new Calendar Star, Nigel Walker brought in his camera and the classic photos were taken one lunch time at Whiffler Rd.  
We took  a series of shots in different poses and I told him that we would take a few then he could pick his best one,  He chose the one on the fork lift,  (my favorite too) we told him he would be Mr January, Little did he know we were putting him on every month. 
The front cover was produced with a few of our faces on it so that he wasn't too suspicious. I only managed to take six  photos as I had to keep turning away from him because i was laughing so much. The Calender was printed up and the big unavailing was at the Auto Wrappers Xmas drink at the "Trafford pub" in Norwich. 
Phil’s face was a picture, as you will see from the pics and video below.
Thanks Phil for being such a good sport and allowing us to show the calendar here 
Click on the Calendar image below and a Flip book version of the Calendar will open in a new window, 
Click on the photo of Phil and Andy below to view Pictures and Video from the 2004 Xmas night out